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At Kalhyttan there are activities for everyone.

Exercise tracks

At Kalhyttan there are several exercise trails with varying lengths for walking, jogging and Nordic walking. A map of the trails is located on the information sign by the parking lot.

Asphalt track

At Kalhyttan there is a paved track of 3,300 meters. The track follows large parts of the artificial snow track and also has a stretch of 1,300 meters that is adapted for people with disabilities. A training course of 300 meters is also available.

The courses are for children, young people, the disabled, sports clubs and all categories of exercisers. Here you can go inline skating and roller skiing and get away from the roads with the dangerous traffic. On the side of the asphalt you can walk, jog and cycle.

Disc golf

In Värmland there are several places to play disc golf. The disc golf course at Kalhyttan in Filipstad consists of 18 holes of varying length and degree of difficulty. The first hole is at the ski stadium. All holes are equipped with a map.

Discs can be borrowed at Fritidsbanken in central Filipstad. Discs is also sold at OKQ8 Filipstad.

Outdoor gym

Kalhyttan's outdoor gym offers training sessions where you can strengthen many muscle groups and at the same time enjoy nature and the fresh outdoor air. Run on with chin ups, deadlifts, dips and combine with a jogging trip on the track for a balanced form of exercise.

The outdoor gym is located by asphalt track.


Mountain bike trail and technical track

The mountain bike trail is 13 kilometers long and runs mostly in forest terrain. You can connect at different points along the trail if you want to choose a shorter loop. The technical track is about 140 meters long and is paved with gravel and consists of curves and bumps.

Biking Värmland

At Kalhyttan there is also a qualified Biking Värmland trail that is about 2 km, perfect for the beginner on mtb. Starting point at the parking.

In Filipstad there are another 5 Biking Värmland trails. More information can be found at Visit Filipstad External link, opens in new window..

Cycle Brattforsturen

Brattforsturen is a 30 km cycle path that starts at Kalhyttan. Then it goes via Asphyttan and Bålhyttan. Bicycle map of Brattforsturen. External link, opens in new window.

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